The story of "Autograph of Zorro" continued
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Will Dockery
2017-08-04 23:52:08 UTC
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Excellent point
No, anyone who knows the history of the work knows that's a lie, Kelly.
Will Dockery
2017-08-05 01:19:11 UTC
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Well, you didn't write the song, and you didn't write the lyrics;
you didn't play the music, and you didn't shoot the video; you
didn't memorize the words, and your enunciation isn't clear. I
don't know what your contribution was, but it wasn't much.
Right, you don't know.

I adapted the poem to song, came up with the melody, which Henry adapted for
the band.

Thus, the three way attribution on "Zorro".

Will Dockery
2017-08-09 21:29:05 UTC
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Yes, as we all know, Michael Cook plagiarized at least two of my copyrighted works, the one under discussion here being "Karma Bombs" poem:


"...Micahel Cook stole my
poem "Karma Bombs" to make this recording, which he did without
permission, then posted on his wensite without credit to me as the
writer of the poem. PJR refers to the time Michael Cook took my poem "Karma
without my knowledge or permission, made a recording of it and posted
it to his website, without credit to me as the writer (and owner,
under US Copyright Law) of the poem. Cook later (in writing, posted to
Usenet) gave the recording to me to use as I pleased, so it all worked
out in the end.

Thanks to PJR for giving me the opportunity to warn newbies to Usenet
about Cook, should he ever return.

Explains why Michael Cook left the newsgroups, but it doesn't explain
why PJR is so determined to try and defend a copyright abuser, poetry
thief and plagiarist such as Michael Cook. Maybe someday he'll explain
his motives for taking such a no-win stance.

At least he brings up a subject, Michael Cook's thievery, for which
there is proof of, even Cook's on words on the subject. Unfortunately
for PJR, that proof exposes him as a hypcritical defender of a proven

And the photograph he stole my image from to make his photoshop vamdalsims:


Amusing the way you keep fighting this battle that you lost years ago,
PJR... but feel free to continue, and I'll continue to post the facts here.

And so it goes... and goes...


Will Dockery
2017-08-05 06:02:15 UTC
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you adapted it to song then Conley adapted it to music?
Henry Conley created the band arrangement as he always does, I adapted the
poem to a lyrical rhythm and created a melody, as I always do.

That shouldn't be so hard to understand but here we go, try and comprehend
this, EBG/Dink.