"It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue" discussion
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Will Dockery
2017-08-05 15:19:36 UTC
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Corey wrote in message news:a77e799c-e44f-4e60-88d4-***@googlegroups.com...

I think I've written exactly one blue Dylan poem.


Today I'm, well, tangled up in blue
roses. Supposedly, posing this to you
suggests Bob Dylan and fill in the blanks,
as well as a Hell of a way to say thanks.

Blue roses is a mispronunciation of pleurosis
in Tenneessee Williams' The Glass Minagerie.


Classy stuff, Corey, thanks.
Will Dockery
2017-08-05 15:21:24 UTC
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Yes, exactly. That's pretty smart, Jim.
Stop the presses, Corey paid Jimmy a compliment... that has to be a first.
Will Dockery
2018-04-19 15:43:27 UTC
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Yes, exactly.
What... for once we agree?