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Will Dockery
2017-07-28 22:25:24 UTC
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It looks to me like Kevin did exactly
what he wanted to do, exactly how
he wanted to do it, without regard to
your complaints of copyright abuse.
I didn't complain at all.

I simply pointed out that I did not give him permission to use my copyrighted material, and if I wanted to I /could/ have his channel shut down, or at least have the video removed.

I know for a fact YouTube will remove videos that violate the rights of the creator(s).

Tell you what, we can test it out.

If Cujo posts another link to my complete, non "fair use" video, let me know, along with the link (since I'm not reading hs posts an haven't for two years, now) I'll go ahead and report it, and we can watch how quickly it vanishes.

Sound like a plan?

Will Dockery
2017-07-29 00:08:53 UTC
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You won't actually do anything.
From what I've seen I won't have to do anything... I have already explained that Cujo took my video down from his channel on his own.

Did you miss that part of the story?

Will Dockery
2017-08-03 15:03:05 UTC
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9:05 AMWill Dockery Actually wrote,
Corey... you say you've seen a website where Cujo has posted my Zorro video, right?
I haven't seen the site, but Cujo has not been given permission to use the video, if such a site exists. Use of the Zorro music and video without permission is theft, and Copyright abuse.
I haven't given Cujo permission to use the song or the video, just for the record.
"Autograph Of Zorro" by Will Dockery & Friends, video poetry.

Published on Feb 11, 2006
Zorro recorded at SoHo 2005 for the Shadowville-Netherlands cross cultural exchange project, a poetry and music collaboration with M.H. Benders and Henry Conley.
Will Dockery - vocals
Henry Conley - guitar
Robert Earl Lowery - bass
Rick Edwards - mandolin
Jocelyn Li - backing vocals
"In my opinion Will Dockery is easily one of the most authentic American poets around. A real coffeehouse poet who is not scared of mingling some real American elements such as country music into his poetry." -M.H.Benders
Congratulations. You've just posted your 100th "Cujo stole my Zorro" message in less than 24 hours.
You're being trolled, Will. Time to move on.
Okay, Pendragon, I trust you to give me a straight answer.
You haven't seen a link to or a site with my Zorro video posted by Cujo?
I stated at the get go that Cujo might be lying this time.
Does it really matter?
Whether it matters or not, it explains one reason Cujo has been so angry with me, ever since he felt forced to remove his copyright infringement of my song and video from YouTube.

It matters to those of us who want to point out that Cujo is a copyright abusing thief, not just once but possibly twice.

I could continue, but I think you understand how it matters.

Have you seen a link, or an actual website, Michael?